Accommodation at Ashborough Lodge


All Rooms are Large Private Ensuite Rooms. Each room has a kitchenette area, which consists of fridge, washing machine/dryer, microwave and kettle.

Each room has a call bell which is conveniently placed at all times should residents require any assistance from Nurses or Carers. These are switched on twenty four hours a day.


The Ensuite consists of shower, wash hand basin and toilet. It is a wet room style so residents don't have a step up to get into the shower.

There is a private telephone line for incoming and outgoing calls. Telephones work on a prepaid call credit system so there are no bills at the end of the month.

Beds are electric. They can be raised and lowered by the press of a button. We also welcome any resident who wants to bring in their own bed from home. We encourage any residents to bring in furniture, pictures or any comforts from home to make their settling in period go smoothly. We feel with familiar surroundings this can help the transition.

Sitting Room Areas


There are four spacious dining/sitting rooms on each corridor in Ashborough Lodge.

Clients are encouraged to dine together in their preferred dining area or they can also dine in their rooms.

Each dining/ sitting room has space for all residents who wish to converse with each other, or maybe find a peaceful corner to read a book.

Prayer Room

There is a prayer room for all denominations.


We also have a state-of-the-art modern kitchen which is on display for all to see and not locked away out of sight.

Sliabh Mish Alzheimer’s Unit

This is a specially designed area which comprises of nine private ensuite rooms, which is specially secured for Alzheimer’s Residents.

We have a secure garden area in which residents can go for a walk and be safe at all times. We are at present encouraging families and friends to donate plants for our garden. Residents pot their plants and are encouraged to maintain them.

We have specially trained staff to encourage activities on a daily basis to help residents feel comfortable i.e. Arts and Crafts, tactile activities, reading and writing excercises and simple things such as folding towels etc. This can help stimulate their minds. This area also has a dining/sitting area which residents can help with the setting up and clearing of tables.

Twenty Four Hour supervision is a priority in Sliabh Mish, as is to keep residents in a familiar and homely environment.

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