Grants and Tax Relief


This is a grant which can be applied for through the Health Service Executive (HSE) and is based on your own personal assets. Please ring Ashborough Lodge and we will forward this to you.

Income Tax Relief

If you have to pay nursing home fees in Ireland you may get tax relief on those payments. This is of use only for people who have an income above the tax exemption limit. You should contact your Inspector of Taxes immediately and arrange for the tax relief as you may well need it in order to actually pay the fees.

Tax relief for nursing home expenses is claimed under the general scheme for tax relief on certain medical expenses. Maintenance in a hospital or approved nursing home qualifies for relief. Most nursing homes are approved for tax relief.

A long-term patient in a nursing home who pays tax under PAYE can apply to have the expenses allowed in his or her tax credit certificate. For additional information ring your local tax office.

Respite Care

Carers are entitled to a respite grant for up to two weeks from the HSE. To apply for this you need to contact

HSE South
Room 17, Sacred Heart Convent,
Bessboro, Blackrock, Cork
Tel: 021 492 3457

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